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Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich is definitely one of the most famous live blackjack and online blackjack players! This talented and skilled gambler played an important role in MIT Team. Read to find out all the interesting facts about the story of his life!

MIT Blackjack Teams

Interested in MIT blackjack Teams? Wish to know the story of MIT team creation and its way to success? This article is definitely for you! It reveals amazing facts about members of the most famous blackjack teams and the roles they played.

Jennifer Tilly

Find out the story of Jennifer's life. What made her famous: victories in poker and blackjack tournaments or roles in various movies and TV shows? Read this article and find out the incredible success of this beautiful woman.

Max Rubin

Max Rubin is a real blackjack legend! Despite being highly experienced player, Rubin has written an incredibly useful book on blackjack and, in addition to this, he gives blackjack consultancies and works on TV as a real star!
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Online Blackjack Personalities

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Welcome to the unique web site dedicated to the most skilled and prominent blackjack online players, who have changes not only the history of blackjack, but also the history of casinos as well at resource, that named!Here we talk about names that are famous among all roulette players, and recall all the achievements of the best gamblers. You can also join them playing for free

These are popular slot machines with a high rating and a proven track record. The list of such clubs is headed by establishments with a wide choice of entertainment, a generous bonus program and qualified support.

Most of the blackjack players are famous due to their winning at different tournaments or their gambling at casinos. Some of the players were involved at the successful blackjack teams, which today are the example for imitation for many of those who just started their career of blackjack gambler or even those started playing long ago but still gained no success. Probably all people who play at the casino constantly, want to know more information not only the games basics, but also about people, who played successfully to be able to repeat their way and become famous. If you are one of these players, you will be glad to find information about famous cheaters, beautiful and highly competent women playing in casinos online and traditional gambling houses.

One of the most prominent team of blackjack players is MIT. Today it is famous not only among the casino players, but also among people, who have never been into casino due to the movie 21 directed by Robert Luketic. You will find here everything you wanted to know about the worldwide known MIT team, the history of its development and its way to success. Moreover, get to know the facts about the life of its members before and after the incredible winnings and popularity.

At this website you will find information about blackjack players who gained the biggest success in this game. A lot of them are known by all players, but there are also names which you will read for the first time in your life.

If you are looking for reliable sources of information, you have found what you have been looking for! Our articles reveal interesting facts and secrets about all famous blackjack personalities and the best casino games. Some of famous blackjack players also are famous as poker players, so do not be surprised, when you see, that some participated both in World Series of Blackjack tournament and World Series of Poker tournament.

Read, enjoy, obtain useful and helpful info and, maybe, one day you’ll become as skilled and popular as those beating the casinos, and if it happens, we will definitely write your story! Everything is in your hand, so do not miss your luck. Just in a couple of months you may become one of those who is famous and can earn millions with several cards.

Of course, blackjack is not the only game that can lead you to the winning. There are lots of them, still some are more profitable than others. It's highly recommended to play some online blackjack or any other casino games such as online pokies at the most adorable places. You can also play your favorite game at most of the online casinos, so do not miss this chance!

If you want to be one of these famous blackjack players, you should start with learning all rules and game strategies at Use the blackjack featured websites to get to know all necessary information concerning the game. You may also read books and articles of famous blackjack players, which give only the best advices for beginner and future winners. Learning and reading is obviously the first and foremost thing you should do and when you feel you're ready to play, just go to online casino, the place to get started for all the gamblers. Professional players will also find there some interesting games to play.

Choosing casino, make sure it is not blacklisted! This is the major rule to choosing good place to play. In order to start game you should choose casino, which will protect your account from scam and provide you with the best services, for example Platinum Play online casinos which are one of the best online places to gamble. Here you will find not only all variations of blackjack game, but also other games, which are also very entertaining and interesting play, so you will always be able to choose some other ways to have fun. Also you will get the best casino bonuses, which will help you to play more and of course will increase your winning chances. But if you want to play only blackjack game, you may try yourself at Blackjack tournaments where you will compete with other players who adore blackjack as you do. This terrific game of skill and strategy can be enjoyed with top-notch gaming operators online at the bets casinos.

As blackjack is one of games which require skills and good knowledge of the game rules and strategies, newbie should start their gambling career with practicing at trial game versions or instant play games. Play the Blackjack online free game of your choice and relish the prospect of beating the dealer without busting out! Playing free game version you will be able to practice using the basic blackjack strategy chart, which you can find at every casino or at the Internet, or you r abilities to count cards.

When you are ready to play for money, choose only the best casinos, which will secure you and your money. Check out the best websites for the biggest blackjack and casino online bonus offers.

Do not forget to visit top rated online casinos, which offer to play not only blackjack games, but also online roulette, slots, poker and many other games. They also provide the best choice for top players around the globe by providing what the people want: liberal payouts, a totally secure environment, huge sign-up bonuses, and an authentic Las Vegas style environment that you simply cannot find anywhere else.


Mike Aponte

RokZoomMike Aponte is worldwide known blackjack player as well as one of the founders of the most successful blackjack teams - MIT Team. His brilliant mind and skills allowed him to win huge amounts of money with other team members.

John Chang

RokZoomGet to know about one of the greatest card counters. John Chang mastered his skills not by playing online blackjack but practicing in land online casinos with his team. This prominent player managed to win lots of money by means of his talent.

MIT Team Founders

RokZoomGreat story of MIT blackjack Team founders! The brilliant teachers made the gifted math students, and later members of MIT, famous and wealthy. The history of MIT team creation, its way to success and huge winnings!
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