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MIT Blackjack Teams

blackjack teams
Find out the story of famous MIT Teams. Learn interesting facts about the highly gifted blackjack players and their way to success and fortune.

Successful Blackjack Players

successful blackjack
If you want to find the inspiration to start gambling blackjack successfully, you should read the article on successful blackjack players that will boost your confidence!

Jennifer Tilly

Jenifer tilly
Amazing woman, whose success in blackjack is the matter of envy for many men, is called Jennifer Tilly. Get to know her story.


Paul Jackson - a Blackjack Pro

Paul Jackson - a Blackjack Pro

Paul Jackson

Taking into consideration Blackjack Cheaters without any doubt they were really smart people who invented different unique techniques and methods and were able to beat the system, but heed should also be paid to those players, who were trained and experienced enough to get big winnings in honest ways.

Gambling Likings

The English famous player to whose this topic is devoted is Paul Jackson. He was born in 1965 in Birmingham, West Midlands.

He gained his first gambling experience at roulette, brag and blackjack. However, his next passion appeared to be poker. In 1985 he studied and trained his skills at the game and since that time stuck to poker and turned it into a career.

The player quickly got his nickname (Action Jackson') in the world of gambling from the Carl Weathers' film 'Action Jackson'.

Online Player

The gambling society knows Paul mostly due to his amazing online poker games. His high finishes at live poker events are really numerous, but it is a phenomenon that he managed to win two different important poker tournaments during the night.

The poker players had an intention to participate in London Open gambling event that took place in 2005 but didn't show because of his intense schedule.

In 2005 Jackson had finished with high results in Monte Carlo's event. The performance of Jackson and Phil Ivey on TV brought them even more popularity: two players tried bluffed to each other during long hours. As the result, Paul Jackson won $ 600.000 and set the 2nd place.

Taking into consideration last years, the player's winnings from the live tournament reached $ 1.100.000.

Jackson appeared on television as a poker advisor for players, enjoying land and casinos online that traveled around Britain in famous series of The Poker Godfather.


Mike Aponte

RokZoomMike Aponte is worldwide known blackjack player as well as one of the founders of the most successful blackjack teams - MIT Team. His brilliant mind and skills allowed him to win huge amounts of money with other team members.

John Chang

RokZoomGet to know about one of the greatest card counters. John Chang mastered his skills not by playing online blackjack but practicing in land online casinos with his team. This prominent player managed to win lots of money by means of his talent.

MIT Team Founders

RokZoomGreat story of MIT blackjack Team founders! The brilliant teachers made the gifted math students, and later members of MIT, famous and wealthy. The history of MIT team creation, its way to success and huge winnings!
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