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MIT Blackjack Teams

blackjack teams
Find out the story of famous MIT Teams. Learn interesting facts about the highly gifted blackjack players and their way to success and fortune.

Successful Blackjack Players

successful blackjack
If you want to find the inspiration to start gambling blackjack successfully, you should read the article on successful blackjack players that will boost your confidence!

Jennifer Tilly

Jenifer tilly
Amazing woman, whose success in blackjack is the matter of envy for many men, is called Jennifer Tilly. Get to know her story.


What can Online Casinos Offer You This Year?

Online Casinos' Offers for Christmas

All blackjack players know – if you want to grab more winnings, you need to choose the correct casino. But how can you choose it if you just start to play online? Follow the recommendations of professionals, of course!  Being one of the gambling guides which cover all issues concerning blackjack game, we take the responsibility to offer you play online at the best gambling houses with a perfect reputation and the best feedbacks.

Choose Only Leading Gambling Websites!

You may ask why you should choose only well known casinos to play if there are so many other places to play. Our answer is simple – you will never find a place all over the internet which will offer you more than those which have best reputation. But what makes this place really outstanding is that you will get everything which the casino can propose to you! Each bonus and promo, each cent, the smallest bet you have won, in a word – everything.

Promotions and Bonuses

At the best online casinos you will find vast choice of promotions and bonuses offered to the visitors and clients. Each day you can get something special – just look through the promotion calendar. But even those bonuses can never be compared with Christmas promos offered this year. December, 2013 will bring all members and new online players more attractive opportunities for placing a bet.

What casinos can offer this December?

  • Welcome bonus

Of course, online casinos have always offered great welcome package to their new clients but this promo is even better. You get $2,000 for making your deposits and 14 additional free spins are also offered. No one will deny that with this bonus gambling will be better and you will have more fun than ever before.

  • Reload bonus

A unique chance to get 3 reload bonuses. The promo starts December, 22nd and lasts till December, 25th. Make sure you make use of this offer! Put a note to your organizer not to miss this gorgeous proposal.

  • Free Spins

One of the best offers around the gambling world is free spins. Only in December, 2013 get 20 free spins for 2000 wagers!

  • Leaderboard challenge

If you like to compete with other players you will be grad to participate into this casino promo. Everything you need is to play during December, 2013 in the best gambling houses.

As you see, there are always places where you can get more than you have even expected. Making use of bonuses and promotions you boost the sum of money in your gambling account. With free spins and additional gambling money you enjoy your games, and with each winning you encourage yourself to place some more bets.

Have fun playing online and do not forget to use their Christmas promos!


Mike Aponte

RokZoomMike Aponte is worldwide known blackjack player as well as one of the founders of the most successful blackjack teams - MIT Team. His brilliant mind and skills allowed him to win huge amounts of money with other team members.

John Chang

RokZoomGet to know about one of the greatest card counters. John Chang mastered his skills not by playing online blackjack but practicing in land online casinos with his team. This prominent player managed to win lots of money by means of his talent.

MIT Team Founders

RokZoomGreat story of MIT blackjack Team founders! The brilliant teachers made the gifted math students, and later members of MIT, famous and wealthy. The history of MIT team creation, its way to success and huge winnings!
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